Vineyards of Talent

Passionate winemakers, an outstanding terroir and the fruitiness of the grape varieties make these wines the reflection of our vineyards: vineyards of talent.

Baron de Perlane

Baron de Perlane offers a wine of character – generous and expressive – like our Bordeaux region.

Chevalier des tours

In the 15th century, the city of Bordeaux fell under the authority of the Kings of France who, to affirm their royal authority, decided to build Château Trompette. As a result, the knights had an unobstructed view to watch over the city. Bordeaux, a city packed with history, is a great terroir that arouses great passion.

Comte de Talem

Throughout history, the Counts had to preserve the lands of France. Protected accordingly, the Bordeaux terroir has been allowed to reveal all its splendor and is expressed in Comte de Talem.

Fort Louis de Bordeaux

In the Middle Ages, the city of Bordeaux, under the dual protection of the French and English crowns, became the capital of the Principality of Guyenne and began constructing fortification walls in 1304. During that era, Fort Louis was built, as a symbol of the city’s power, a city in search of autonomy and prosperity.

Le Grand Ecuyer

The Grand Ecuyer, meaning Grand Squire, was one of the Great Officers of the Crown of France. A symbol of nobility, it is the guarantor of excellence.

La Petite Chapelle de Bordeaux

In our picturesque Bordeaux region, little chapels surrounded with rows of vines are often part of the landscape. Religious orders always took care of our vineyards and enhanced the best terroirs. La Petite Chapelle de Bordeaux bears witness to that heritage.

Pierre de Bellevue

Located to the north of Bordeaux and overlooking the Gironde estuary, the Blaye vineyards have been cultivated since Gallo-Roman times. Due to their geographic location, between land and sea, the vineyards benefit from a mild climate.
The village vineyard, located just below, is packed with history: the first vine plants were introduced by the Romans in the 2nd century.