Daring by Bertrand Ravache

Wines created and selected by Bertrand Ravache that reflect his vision: enhancing the Bordeaux terroir, unbound by the current offer.

A pledge for quality time

L’Instant Bordeaux was created to reveal the wealth of our Bordeaux region, its terroir and art of living.
A grand Bordeaux white and rosé produced from the most aromatic grape varieties enhanced by top-level vinification techniques.

A grand
Bordeaux white

An unprecedented, unique and refined combination of genres: a grand Bordeaux white.

With 75% Sauvignon, including 30% aged in barrels to provide finesse and roundness, and 25% Sémillon for richness and complexity, L’Instant Bordeaux Blanc is generous, harmonious and refined

A daring

In 2012, Bertrand Ravache gave preference to Cabernet Sauvignon over Merlot, the traditional grape variety for Bordeaux rosé wines, to create L’Instant Bordeaux Rosé in order to combine aroma freshness and intensity.

Very short cold maceration provides it with a superb pale pink color, worthy of the greatest rosé wines, and optimal preservation of the aromas creating an elegant, gourmet moment of pure pleasure.